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- News of consecutive holidays of Miyajima-Lab -
Our office (Miyajima-Lab) is closed from May 3 to May 6.
During consecutive holidays, we cannot start a PC.
After having finished consecutive holidays, we send an answer in order of a question.

- Message to a customer thinking about the purchase of the product of Miyajima-Lab -
Miyajima-Lab makes a contract with the wholesaler of world approximately 40 countries.
We specify the name of each country in the guarantee of the product.
We guarantee only a product purchased in your country.
In addition, we cope with replacement and repair only for those products.
However, we do not support a product purchased in different countries.
Please choose the product guaranteed in your country.
When you purchase a product of Miyajima-Lab, please confirm the name of a country of the guarantee.
We support the best audio life of people loving music.

Miyajima’s message

I am chasing “good sound” almost 50 years , I am now 65 years old.
Staring from just a fan of music as my hobby, I have been running a dealer of audio related products, and now I have become MANUFACTURER. As much I have been interested in audio history and technologies, as less I have been satisfied with the existing products. Moreover, I have felt uncomfortable that we have not endevored to succeed such favorable audio technologies obtained by tremendous efforts of our frontiers in this field. 
Today, most of the audio products become business oriented, but a symbol of hobby. The products sound good, but not the one I have been chasing,

I wish to declare We, Miyajima Lab, should be a honest manufacturer who could deliver better products from great amateur view point

Your folks see many ad everyday showing many new audio products which have excellent performance. Do you think it true? But in fact, from technology point of view, I could find very few sophisicated products  Therefore, there are many room to improve

Analog audio’s most important point is CARTRIDGE!!

Monaural cartridge was invested in 1940’s, then Stereo cartridge followed. Stereo cartridges appear since that time. I am always wandering whether the Mono and Stereo cartridges are completed to date? I have been worked very long time in the audio business, and have never found superior cartridge which has good construction for remarkable performance. in terms of tracing of groove. Cartrige should transform complicated move of stylus into electrical signal. Back in 1980’s, Compact Disc(CD) has been introduced to Market, and Analog software seemed end of life. Today, evolution of Digital technologies seem slow down, attention to analog revealed.

Miyajima Lab has convinced phono cartridges might become fatal weakness of Audio systems. We have thoroughly studied several aspects of both mono and streophnic cartriges, and strongly believe we could deliver better products.

Consequently , we have been applied Patent rights of our mono cartridge construction in 2002 ., also stereophonic ones in 2005 respectively. These two products could trace grooves most preciously and reproduce musical sounds beyond your expectation.

List of Wholesalers

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