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CAF2022 [November, 2022]

American wholesaler "Robyatt Audio" will exhibit at the American audio show "Capital Audio Fest 2022"!

The audio system is Miyajima Laboratory's full lineup from cartridges to speakers!


Festa period: November 11-13, 2022

Location: The Twinbrook Hilton 1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

CAF website: https://www.capitalaudiofest.com/

Robyatt Audio Suite Room No. 519: https://www.capitalaudiofest.com/exhibitorlist/2022

Listed under the brand name Miyajima Laboratory : https://www.capitalaudiofest.com/brands2022


The state of the audio show is posted on the website of "Stereophile", an American audio magazine.



CAF's 5th Floor Part A has been published on Enjoy the Music.com. Robyatt Audio's room is introduced.


Robyatt Audio's room has been featured on Enjoy the Music.com again.


Toronto Audiofest 2022

[October, 2022]

Canadian Distributor Exhibits Miyajima Laboratory Products at Toronto Audio Fest 2022!

Hearken Audio/Atelier Audio/Jean Nantais/Lenco/Bird of Prey/Miyajima Labs/Ilumnia/Ocellia/Tzar/Aqua | Stereophile.com


[November, 2022]

Miyajima Laboratory produced a new stereo pickup cartridge "Carbon STEREO".
Carbon STEREO is a balanced and spectacular sound quality.



[November, 2022]
Miyajima Laboratory has produced a new vacuum tube MC head amp "MC-1 & MC-2".
It is very difficult to make a head amp with a vacuum tube, but we promise the best sound quality ever.
MC-1 has usage conditions.
MC-2 has no conditions.

--- Miyajima’s message ---
I have been chasing “better sound” for about 61 years now (I am 76 years old).
From the beginning, my favorite pastime has been listening to music, so I became a dealer of audio products.
Later, I founded Miyajima Lab to manufacture superior “high end” audio products. I have long been interested in the development of audio technology, but have been dissatisfied with existing products.
Moreover, I am disappointed that the efforts (and results) of the early audio pioneers have not been significantly exceeded.
Today, most audio products sold use designs and parts primarily driven by profit margins and only superficially represent the undiluted efforts of those, like Miyajima lab, who search for the best sound, regardless of cost.

Make no mistake, Miyajima lab will spare no effort to produce the finest audio products as a labor of love.

You continually see ads showing new audio products that are touted as having superior performance.
Do youreally believe all these claims?
There are actually very few sophisticated products built without regard to cost.
Therefore, there are many room to improve.

Analog audios most crucially important link is the CARTRIDGE!

The monaural cartridge was invented in the 1940s; the stereo cartridge followed later.
Many stereo cartridges have appeared since that then.
I frequently wonder if the modern cartridge are fully developed even today.
I have worked in the audio business a very long time, and have never found a better sounding cartridge with design or construction superior to ours, most especially in terms of groove tracing ability.
The cartridge should transform the complex movement of the stylus into an equivalent electrical signal.
Back in the 1980s, the compact disc (CD) was introduced to the audio market and analog records seemed passes, while renewed attention to analog has revealed new strengths for the enjoyment of music at the end of the road.
Yet, the evolution of digital technology now seems to produce less and less as time.

Miyajima Lab is convinced that phono cartridges are a weak link in the most musical audio systems.
We have thoroughly studied key aspects of cartridges, and strongly believe our cartridges are superior for recovering music.

Consequently, we applied for patent rights on our mono cartridge construction in 2002 and our stereo cartridge in 2005.
These two products can trace grooves most precisely and reproduce the music embedded there with a quality that will exceed your expectations.

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