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I produce an amplifier more than 40 years, and it meets a Japanese safety standard.
However, we cannot easily export amplifiers because an electric safety standard is in each country.
Since we are a small manufacturer in Japan, it is difficult to obtain electrical safety standards (CE mark, etc.) from all over the world.
Therefore, we recommend that wholesalers in each country voluntarily obtain electrical safety standards (CE mark, etc.) as necessary.
For more information, please contact the wholesalers in each country.

OTL power amplifier MODEL2020 - 6080WC x 8

We begin sale of OTL power amp MODEL2020.
We need many preparations to sell an amplifier.


Wiring : handmade

I do not use a circuit base.

Wiring for bias adjustment

I install favorite Black Cat last.(Completion)

A changeover switch of MONO/STEREO
ON/OFF of NFB (-2dB)
Speaker terminal

All the vacuum tubes are made in USA.

The transformer is made in Japan.

Name Plate


(The prediction data of the amplifier)
The frequency of this amplifier is very wide.
10Hz - 100,000Hz (-1dB, 1W, non-NFB)
10Hz - 250,000Hz (-3dB, 1W, non-NFB)
The S/N ratio of this amplifier is very high.

non-NFB:Stereo 16ohm(12W+12W), 8ohm(7W+7W), Mono 8ohm(16W) Mono 4ohm(13W)
   NFB:Stereo 16ohm(15W+15W), 8ohm(9W+9W), Mono 8ohm(22W), Mono 4ohm(18W)

Weight:about 18.5kg
Size:about W450 x H220 x D340 mm
The sound quality of this amplifier clear and powerful.
This amplifier does play music obediently.
This amplifier is long life.

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