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MC Stepup Transformer "ETR-STEREO"

--- Good point !! ---

ETR-STEREO can add capacitance to input.
ETR-STEREO can choose appropriate input impedance for a cartridge.
ETR-STEREO can choose the amplification rate with four phases.
ETR-STEREO can choose appropriate output impedance for a phonostage.

 Product name  MC Stepup Transformer "ETR-STEREO"
 Input capacitance  0.00 / 0.47 / 0.68 / 1.00 / 1.50 /2.20 μF
 Input Impedance  2 - 100 ohm
 Output Impedance  3.6k - 47k ohm (47k = PASS)
 Voltage up ratio  Approximately 11 - 40 dB (3.7 - 100 times)
 Demagnetizer  Push button to demagnetize.
 Dimension  W150 x H70 x D175 mm
 Weight  1 kg

The material of the core of the transformer is highest-quality permalloy 80.
Filling materials are carnauba.
Because ETR-STEREO can choose input capacitance and input impedance and an amplification rate and output impedance, I can get ideal frequency balance by various systems.
We achieved the impedance matching that had difficulty in stepup transformer by letting ETR-STEREO change the input impedance of the phonostage.
The user can look for ideal sound quality.
Probably the stepup transformer which can set capacitance and impedance freely is the world's first thing.

1) About input capacitance
Most cartridges have a slight peak in the high frequency range.
When ETR-STEREO received an input signal with appropriate capacitance, it decreases a peak.
Please look for the most suitable numerical value while listening to music.
Slight noise to come out at the time of a capacitance change does not have any problem.
When MM cartridge and capacitance are unnecessary, please choose 0.00μF.

2) About the usage of the front coil switch
Numerical value of InputCoil and OutputCoil is winding amount of the coils.
Please choose the winding amount of InputCoil suitable for the impedance of the cartridge.

Input Coil
80 = 2-5 Ω
120 = 5-12 Ω
180 = 12-30 Ω
270 = 30-100 Ω

Numerical value of the output coil is winding amount of the coils.
Please choose the appropriate numerical value to decide an amplification rate.
For example, it is the amplification of 22.2 times when a user chooses Input180 Output4000 for a cartridge of 16 Ω.
The output impedance switch changes the impedance of the phonostage.
The calculation methods of Impedance are as follows.

22.2 times x 22.2 times x cartridge 16 Ω = 7,885 Ω = 7.885 kΩ

Therefore, please choose the impedance from 8k ohm to 47k ohm.

In the case of MM cartridge, please choose PASS as both InputCoil and OutputCoil.
In addition, please choose 47kΩ(PASS) as Impedance basically.

3) About back DEMAGNETIZER switch
The back push button removes the magnetization of a cartridge and the stepup transformer.
Please push this button for ten seconds while listening to LP music. While you push the button, the music stops.
A cartridge and a transformer are demagnetized by the interchange signal of the LP.
A sound is slightly cleared by demagnetizing it. Please use demagnetization every several months.
Because this demagnetization method does not add electricity, the cartridge is safe.

4) About induction hum by the setting place of the transformer
ETR-STEREO causes induction hum by putting it near a power supply transformer and a power supply cable.
Please keep away ETR-STEREO from a power supply transformer and a power supply cable as much as possible.
While Induction hum occurs, please move a place of ETR-STEREO.
Because Induction hum increases and decreases, please look for the place where induction hum is the smallest.
In addition, the cable lacking in shielding causes induction hum. Please use a shielded cable.

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